Sunday, June 20, 2010

Spectacular Song Contest Winner Amy Wohl

My teeth are in jail

What did they do

To deserve these wires

Whenever I chew

Every picture I take

My face disappears

With the flash on the metal

I burst into tears

But little by little

My teeth rock and roll

They move to the groove

With Dr. Inna on patrol

She works her magic

and the time goes by fast

It comes to the day

Braces come off at last

There’s my smile

So relieved to see

My perfect pearly whites

Here’s the real me

My teeth were in jail

What did they do

Now I can show my smile proudly

And so can you!!!

By Amy Wohl…mom of Benny, Jake, Jamie, Ari & Ally

(4 are new patients of Dr. Inna Gellerman!!)