Thursday, March 31, 2011

Diary of a Bracer. Day 1. by Anastasia Myagkova, RDH

There comes a point in almost everyone’s life when you need to see an orthodontist. I happen to work for one. And 99 percent of “everyone” needs braces. I happened not to need them when I started working at Dr. Gellerman’s, but things turned out the way they did and, in the end, at age of 24, I got braces.

Day 1

Just got my braces – feels like miniature rail road tracks got stuck to my teeth. Weird. Not comfortable but curious to touch them and stretch my lip as far as I can to cover them completely. Stared in the mirror at them for hours, run my tongue over them, examined every little part, found the perfect way of smiling where I look more cute than terrifying; tolerated some mocking and laughing from my family. You see, my brother just got his braces off a month ago. I was the one who talked him into it, he hated me all the way through his treatment, and now he can get his revenge.

My friends don’t know yet. Well… I figured I may as well parade my braces and be proud than try to hide the fact, that I got them and be ashamed. So I did get the metal ones and I plan on getting colors on them later in the treatment. Moreover, my smiling picture with braces now is my profile picture on Facebook to make sure everyone knows I got braces. I know people would respect my courage and craziness and won’t say a word but smile. And I will smile back with my metal mouth. At my dance class I showed them off to my dance teacher. Smiled with my new smile to one of our patients who owns a deli and happened to have braces too. Paraded my “new Bling Bling” in front of the cashier at the grocery store (who happened to have same exact braces as me and smiled back at me kind of saying “we’re in the same boat”).

My first meal – happened to be yogurt which was running freely under my wires and covering my braces in sugary sweet strawberries and milk; banana was a tough one – mushy and soft getting stuck where it should not. After dinner, which was more of a solid food, I learned how to manipulate my tongue to make sure I swallow sushi, not tuck them in under my wires for everyone to see.

I think my co-workers struggle the most with my new metal accessory. It was hard as it is to understand what I said and what I meant before I got braces (as English is my third language) and now it’s almost impossible. Braces added a lisp and a charming almost whistling sound to my words…I feel like a snake with two rows of teeth.

Come the night…teeth start “itching”, can’t really bite the way I used to any more. I don’t even know if I slept at night.

by Anastasia Myagkova, RDH

Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Braces in Less Time". SureSmile Demonstrated on Fox5

We've talked about the advantage of SureSmile robotic braces in the past, and today thought we'd show you a clip of SureSmile being discussed on Fox5 last week!

With SureSmile, getting braces isn’t what it used to be. Our patients get incredible results in less time and typically spend less time in braces (20-50% less time), need fewer office visits, experience less pain and discomfort - and ultimately greater results - all thanks to SureSmile's remarkable technology.

Dr. Gellerman and her team encourage you to check out the above video about SureSmile and let us know what you think! Give us a call at 631-427-8444 if you have any questions about this treatment and if it's right for you, and we'll be happy to discuss!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Welcome To Our Spectacular Office!!!

I would like to share with you some history of my orthodontic practice. It all started in September of 2003 when I saw an orthodontic practice for sale in a beautiful building on the Main Street in Huntington. I fell in love with the area immediately and knew right away I wanted to settle here. Since I usually act immediately, by October my orthodontic office was opened. With enthusiasm and love I started to build my professional home.
Many people helped me along the way. Our vision and mission statement are developed through the combined efforts of all members of our team. The focus of my practice is the patients, their comfort and satisfaction. At the end of the day our success as medical practitioners can be measured only one way – the number of patients satisfied and excited with their smile. We treat every guest of our practice as if he or she is a part of our family.
We designed our office so both children and adults would feel comfortable and at home. Kids are running off to play of our many Wii, X-box, and Playstation games, while their parents are getting cozy with a cup of coffee surfing the Internet. If you need to laugh, read the three volumes of “How I Lost My Retainer. What is your story?” Our books of smiles will help you to learn what was going on in the office since its inception, including parties for kids, holidays, fund raising event and much more.
I am welcoming you to our office, enjoy!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

When should you call Dr. Gellerman's office?

Our friends at the American Association of Orthodontists(AAO) have put together this helpful list for your advantage. Here are some early warning signs—courtesy of Dr. Gellerman—indicating it’s time to check in with us:

1. Early or late loss of baby teeth
2. Difficulty of chewing or biting
3. Mouth breathing
4. Finger sucking or other oral habits
5. Crowding, misplaced or blocked-out teeth
6. Jaws that shift, make sounds, protrude or retrude
7. Speech difficulty
8. Biting the cheek or biting into the roof of the mouth
9. Protruding teeth
10. Teeth that meet in an abnormal way or don’t meet at all
11. Facial imbalance or asymmetry
12. Grinding or clenching of teeth

Do any of these warning signs fit you? If so, give Dr. Gellerman and her team a call today 631-427-8444!