Thursday, May 19, 2011

Diary of a Bracer. Days 72-89. by Anastasia Myagkova, RDH

Day 72
Just got new, stronger wires placed in. What a day! It felt tighter but not so bad, teeth didn’t feel as wiggly as with the first wire. Good news to those who have lived through the first couple of weeks with braces – it will never be as bad as the first week! The most exciting part of this appointment is colors! I got blue! Here are best possible matches when it comes to picking colors for your braces: pink/blue, purple/lavender, black/red, orange/dark blue, and purple/lime green. Now, if you ever had to have molds of your teeth taken I suggest watermelon flavor – the best in the house!
Day 89
To those who love to go out into the village on the beautiful spring day: when you stop by your favorite restaurant, these are the foods to stay away from while you are out: spinach, broccoli or green salad. They will get stuck in your braces and wrapped around the wires with no hope of getting them out. Pizza is not the best choice either, even thought cheese that will stick to the brackets will not show as much as spinach. Steak may get stuck and give you that medieval “I-just-killed-this-cow-and-ate-it” look when you smile. Sushi, mashed potatoes, fish, noodles and pasta without tomato souse are great choices. Stick with tuna salad or egg salad for lunch as it requires minimal chewing and doesn’t get stuck easily. All I can say is - enjoy it! And make sure you always have our travel tooth brush with you at all times just in case of a spinach craving emergency!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Diary of a Bracer. Days 21-45. by Anastasia Myagkova, RDH

Day 21
Don't know what I ate but don't eat it when you have braces. All of a sudden after I ate that “something” my lips started to rub against the hooks on some brackets. One of the patients once told me that he figured that, depending on acidity of food, sometimes lips get tender, and that’s when mouth sores form and lips get irritated easily. The ironic part is, even though I work in orthodontic office, I've got no wax to help me out in my time of need. Another tip for you- always have wax with you, and if you don’t it is usually sold in every pharmacy.
Day 45
Vacation! Great news for those who love to travel and explore – you can still do it, just make sure you have plenty of wax to accompany you on your trips. With braces it was more than pleasant to have a Caribbean lobster, sleep in a bungalow with fruit bats, and munch on a fresh coconut. Snorkeling was challenging but fun, real wild grown mangoes with many fibers helped with flossing a lot, and drinking Pina Colada with a straw through the space between the teeth felt like heaven.