Monday, December 30, 2013

We Have A Winner!! 10th Anniversary Spectacular Smile Art Contest

Congratulations to Alexa Forberg, who won our Spectacular Smiles art contest, part of our 10th anniversary celebration.  Alexa submitted a mixed media artwork titled “What Makes Me Smile” now on display at Gellerman Orthodontics in Huntington. Alexa, a patient of Dr. Gellerman whose braces came off recently, will present her prize - one set of free traditional braces, including all scans, records, appointments and one set of retainers – to a family member of her choice. 

Friday, September 27, 2013

10th Anniversary Art Contest: Winner to Receive Free Braces

There are a just few days left to bring Create a Spectacular Smile artwork and entry forms to Gellerman Orthodontics.  Remember the winner will receive freetraditional braces!  Our deadline for accepting all artwork and entry forms is 12 Noon on Friday, October 4th.  The lunchroom has become an amazing art gallery of Spectacular Smiles, but there’s always room for more!

Friday, September 20, 2013


Ultrasound and vibrations have been used for many years to speed and enhance healing of bone fractures in orthopedics, and today this same theory has been applied to orthodontics.   With the use of a new device called AcceleDent® that is now available at Gellerman Orthodontics, treatment time can be reduced by much as 50%.

AcceleDent® speeds up the process of moving the teeth though precisely calculated gentle micro-pulses that accelerate bone remodeling using a mouthpiece that is worn for only 20 minutes a day.  In clinical studies, the use of this FDA approved system helped patient’s teeth move up to 50% faster.

For adults who don’t want to wear braces any longer than necessary, or teens who are sensitive about their appearance, the use of AcceleDent® is a great addition to orthodontic treatment.  The pulses are gentle - less powerful than an electric toothbrush – and it is only worn for 20 minutes a day, making it easy and convenient.

The system consists of a mouthpiece and an activator. The patient keeps the mouthpiece in their mouth for 20 minutes daily during treatment.  The activator delivers a low-frequency vibration through the mouthpiece into the patient’s teeth.  These low-frequency oscillations create increased cellular signaling and activity within the cells of the jaw, stimulating the teeth to move faster.

Want to learn more about AcceleDent®?  Just call us at 631-427-8444.

Friday, September 6, 2013

10th Anniversary Art Contest: Winner to Receive Free Braces

There’s only one month left for students to enter the Create a Spectacular Smile art contest from Gellerman Orthodontics – all entries must be received by noon on October 4.  Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to win free traditional braces - - all you have to do is create a  Spectacular Smile using any medium you wish – drawing, sculpture, painting, photography, etc.  Bring your family – friendly artwork to our office with the entry form.  

Questions?  Call Gina Golde, Office Manager, at 631-427-8444, or visit our website for details.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Why a healthy bite matters

Wonder why a Spectacular Smile is so important?  It’s not just about looks.
The ultimate goal of orthodontic treatment is a good bite – straight teeth that are neatly aligned and mesh correctly with the teeth on the opposite jaw.  This makes it possible to bite, chew and speak properly.  The side benefits are the great looks that come with a Spectacular Smile and the better dental health and well-being that come from having a healthier mouth. 
 A healthy bite is important no matter what the patent’s age.   Orthodontists today prefer to have a first consultation with a child by age seven to better evaluate the potential need for treatment.  Children and teenagers are still growing, and orthodontic treatment will lead to long-term improvements.   Adults whose teeth have shifted over time will benefit in appearance and health from orthodontic treatment.
A bad bite can lead to challenges in speaking, breathing and chewing.  Severely bad bites can lead to bad habits that can take a long time to overcome.
Here are some signs that a person may have a bad bite:
  • Difficulty chewing or swallowing
  • Teeth not fitting smoothly together
  • Mouth breathing
  • Jaws that make sounds, protrude or are recessed
  • Biting the inner cheeks or biting the inner lips
  • Difficulty with speech 
  • Facial asymmetry
  • Inability to close lips

If you or your child has any of these problems, call our office at 631-427-8444 to schedule a free consultation.

Friday, August 9, 2013

10th Anniversary Art Contest: Winner to Receive Free Braces

Gellerman Orthodontics has brought Spectacular Smiles to our patients and families for ten years.  To celebrate, we’re asking students to create art that will show their interpretation of the beauty of a smile.  The winner will receive free traditional braces – and we’re sure that will bring a smile to you!   Entries can be a sculpture, painting, collage, drawing or any media that you like, as long as it is family-friendly and we can display it at Gellerman Orthodontics.  Visit our website for contest entry forms and rules.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Fashion Influencer Plum Sykes Gets Braces

How exciting to find an article in the August 2013 Vogue from contributing editor Plum Sykes, on her experience of getting braces at age 43 and looking forward to “enjoy those perfect teeth I had…as a teenager.”  Ms. Sykes, fashion writer, socialite and author, reports that she had considered braces through the years, as her teeth had moved a great deal since she first had braces at age 13.  Despite a crooked smile, it was only when a dentist told Ms. Sykes that her two top teeth (maxillary central incisors) were so crooked that she might lose the teeth and    not be a candidate for implants that she made the decision to get orthodontic treatment.   Six months later, she has already seen progress.     Ms. Sykes is a trend-setter, in Europe and America, and we are sure that by the time her braces come off (June 2014), Ms. Sykes will have influenced any number of 40-something women here and abroad to embark on a journey to a Spectacular Smile.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Patient Survey

Did you know that at Gellerman Orthodontics we hold a team meeting before our doors open to make sure that we are ready for you?  Appointments for the day are reviewed and discussed so that we all know who is coming in, what they will need and what we need to do to prepare. Then, at the end of the day, we have another meeting to review the events of the day and to make sure that our team did the best we could for our patients and families.  We learn from each other how to do even better the next day.    

Part of our continued learning process includes hearing from our patients and families.  We always want to hear from you - that’s why we keep a patient survey form at our reception desk.  If you’d rather not use the form, we invite you to speak with Dr. Inna Gellerman, Gina Golde, OfficeManager, or our Treatment Coordinators, Bethany Nota and Elaine Fornuto, if you ever have any questions or comments about your experience at our office.   

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

10th Anniversary Art Contest: Winner to Receive Free Braces

Having a blast this summer?  We are too – and we can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with for the 10th Anniversary “Create a Spectacular Smile” art contest.   Remember the prize is free traditional braces – that’s worth smiling about!  The contest is for students from elementary school to high school, and the judges want to see the beauty of a smile.  Call Gina Golde, Office Manager, at 6our website for details. 
31-427-8444 if you have any questions, or visit

Friday, July 19, 2013

Summertime and Your Braces

Hooray – school is out for the year, and it’s time for summer fun.  But just because your school schedule changes to summer does not mean that you can skip your regular dental care schedule.  You still need to be careful about the foods you eat and be sure to floss and clean your teeth and braces.  

Summer often means travel, and that means packing a braces kit:
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Floss
  • Mouth rinse
  • Orthodontic Wax
  • A small magnifying mirror so you can see your braces and teeth

·        We recommend that you keep a “braces to go” kit ready in a small cosmetic bag so that you’ll have everything you need anytime you go away, whether to the beach for the afternoon or a weekend away.   Just grab it and go! 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Why does our pediatric dentist want my seven year old to see an orthodontist?

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children visit an orthodontist by age seven to evaluate their teeth and to see if there are any issues that need to be dealt with on a pro-active basis.  By age seven, a child normally has at least four permanent molars and four permanent incisors.  If more adult teeth have come in, or if any of the eight permanent teeth have yet to emerge, the child may have a problem with missing teeth or an overcrowded jaw. The orthodontist will evaluate the child’s progress to ensure that growth is managed carefully to avoid future issues. It’s best to resolve small problems before they become bigger problems.

Here’s an example of a situation that we see during these examinations.  A child with a tooth starting to protrude from the upper or lower gum needs to be addressed, either by removing the baby tooth that is in the way of the permanent tooth and forcing it to emerge in an abnormal position, or extracting the tooth if it is actually an extra tooth, before the other teeth become crooked or crowded.  Children with these types of dental malformations are subject to teasing by their peers as well as having future orthodontic problems.  Treating theproblem early on is better for t
he child’s dental health as well as their emotional well-being.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

10th Anniversary Art Contest: Winner to Receive Free Braces

To celebrate our 10th Anniversary, GellermanOrthodontics has announced the Create a Spectacular Smile art contest.  Students from elementary to high school are invited to create a Spectacular Smile that can be displayed in our office that shows the beauty of a smile.  The winner will receive free traditional braces!!  

Make us smile with your creative ideas!  Learn more.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Flossing – Brace’s Best Friend (BBF) and yours too!

Wearing braces means that flossing will take a little bit more time, but it’s well worth it to achieve your spectacular smile.  Flossing keeps your gums clean and prevents bacteria and plaque from building up on the surfaces of your teeth and in particular, in those tricky spaces between your teeth and between your braces and your teeth.  

Flossing is one of those simple every-day steps that can easily prevent more serious problems from occurring in the future.  Today we know that gum disease can lead to many health issues.  If your gums are puffy and inflamed, it may also create problems if the gums begin to grow over your braces – yes, they can!

Not sure how to floss with your new braces?  The best way to do this is with a special orthodontic floss threader that helps you put the floss underneath the wire.  Call us or stop by the office and we’ll be happy to show you how to floss.   When your braces come off an
d you have a spectacular smile, you’ll be so glad that you flossed.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Why we might need to take out teeth before we can treat with braces.

For some patients, taking out teeth is part of preparing for treatment with braces.  It can be a little scary to think about having teeth taken out, but sometimes it is necessary. 
One of the first things we do when a patient comes in is take an “inventory” of their teeth.  This includes baby teeth, which are the first set to come in, and permanent or adult teeth, which come in after the baby teeth are gone.   When baby teeth fall out too early, they can create spacing problems.  If the baby teeth come out late, permanent teeth may not be able to grow out in the correct position.
We use x-rays to see the complete picture of all teeth and the jaws, upper and lower. At that point we are able to determine if any teeth need to be taken out.  
For some patients, removing permanent teeth is needed when they have an extremely crowded jaw.  When teeth are sideways, they take up less space on the jaw.  When they are lined up straight, they need more space along the arch of the jaw.  So if there is not enough room for the teeth when they are straight, removing teeth will create more space.
If there is an overbite or an underbite that is the result of having a top jaw or bottom jaw that is dramatically different in size, it may be necessary to reposition the jaws.  But when the jaws are close in size, removing teeth can create enough room to eliminate the bite problem.
The most important thing to keep in mind is this:  removing teeth, especially permanent teeth, is taken very seriously by the orthodontist.  They would not recommend it unless it was very important for the end result – a spectacular smile!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Know your Braces Better

It’s easier to fix anything when you know the names of the parts.  It’s so much harder when you don’t, and harder still when you or your child is in a panic and trying to describe something over the phone.  We thought it would be helpful for you to have a map of your braces and know the names for each part. 
  • Archwire or Wire–  the main wire that runs around the teeth 
  • Band –  cemented to the back molars to anchor the arch wire in place
  • Bracket –bonded to the surface of the teeth, so  that the archwire can be placed in a slot in the bracket  
  • Elastic Tie – also known as a ligature – little elastic bands that wrap around the bracket to hold the archwire inside the bracket slot
  • Rubber Band – used to apply pressure to the jaw, pulling forward or backward to line up the top and bottom teeth.
  • Hooks – allows us to attach rubber bands to close spaces.
  • Steel ligature wire –   They are the second most common emergency appointment because they sometimes unravel and poke at patient’s lips or cheeks.  The steel ligature wire looks like the colorful elastic ties or ligature, but it is made of steel.

Friday, April 19, 2013

How important is your smile?

Your smile is one of the first things that people see about you.  When your teeth are straight, shiny clean and healthy, you can be confident that you are leaving a good impression when you smile.  Studies show that a great smile is one of the most important things that people look for when they are looking for a romantic partner and when interviewing a candidate for a job. 

Remember that you are not completely dressed unless your smile is ready to go out into the world.   At Gellerman Orthodontics, we can take your smile from any level to spectacular so that you can be sure that your smile represents you in the best possible way.

If you are not sure about your smile – if you have a single tooth that’s out of line, or a few teeth that seem to have moved in the wrong way, stop by our office for a free consultation.  Today there are many different kinds of braces, and we’ll be happy to speak with you about the system that will work best for you.

Friday, April 5, 2013


Millions of kid’s teeth get knocked out every year – and many of those smiles could be protected simply by wearing a mouth guard!
We want to remind our patients, their parents and their coaches to remember to wear mouth guards and appropriate protective gear when participating in sports and any recreational activities that could lead to getting a facial injury.
A survey by the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) revealed that 67 percent of parents admitted that their children do not wear mouth guards during organized sports.   When kids don’t wear mouth guards, that’s usually because their parents or coaches don’t understand how important this is.   Whether a child swings a bat or a lacrosse stick, jumps off a diving board or climbs on a horse, they are at risk for recreation related mouth and face injuries.
Mouth guards are one of the least expensive pieces of protective equipment.  Over the counter mouth guards cost as little as $5 - - but they can only be effective if they are worn.  Mouth guards may also protect against neck and central nervous system injuries because they decrease the amount of force transmitted through the jaw to the base of the skull. 
For children and adults wearing braces, mouth guards are particularly important.  An impact to the mouth can cause both broken teeth and lacerations that may occur from the impact of the metal braces and wires coming into contact with soft gum and mouth tissue. 
If you or your child is playing sports or engaging in recreational activities where falls or impacts are possible, we encourage to you take the extra two minutes (!!) to wear a mouth guard.  Your SMILE will thank you! 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Smiling for health and happiness

We smile every time we read about smiles!  

Two scientists from the University of Kansas investigated the potential benefits of smiling by examining different types of smiling and the effects of smiling on the body.  A big smile – even when it’s forced – has been scientifically proven to decrease stress levels and can even slow down your heart rate.  

So the next time you are stressed, try a smile and see how it helps!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month

Every February we celebrate National Dental Health Month by going out to area schools and teaching children about taking good care of their teeth.  We have a lot of fun, almost as much as the kids!   We talk about brushing and flossing and how the right kinds of foods are important to good health and your teeth.  When children learn these good dental health habits at an early age, they are far more likely to lead to a lifetime of healthy teeth, gums and smiles.

For kids with braces, good dental care is even more important.  It takes a little more time and effort to remove the bits of food particles that get caught between the teeth and braces, but careful brushing and flossing, along with regular visits to the orthodontist means that when your braces do come off, your teeth and gums will be spectacular.

Want us to come to your classroom?  Just call the office 631-427-8444 and we’ll be happy to arrange to come to your school for a special visit.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Does it matter who provides my child with Invisalign or braces?

A general dentist is a very important part of your child’s dental health care, and we work closely with many dental practices with professionals that we admire and respect.  More and more general dentists have added Invisalign and Invisalign Teen to their practices, and you might think it would be the same as going to an orthodontist - - but it is not!   The dentist does not have the same training and experience as the orthodontist.

The orthodontist creates a treatment plan that is based on years of training in orthodontics to understand the physics and biology that go into creating a spectacular smile.  She/he has a comprehensive understanding of how teeth move, what forces should be exerted on the teeth, and the optimal location for the pressure to be exerted, as well as the effect the braces will have on the growth and development of surrounding bones and gums.

It may be that your child needs traditional braces and that Invisalign Teen simply is not appropriate for them.  Or, your child may need a treatment before Invisalign so that an underlying problem can be corrected.  Your orthodontist will draw on years of experience and specialized knowledge, so that the right treatment is used and your child ends up with a spectacular smile.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Spectacular Brides Smile Big!

It’s one of the most important days of your life, and you want everything to be perfect, from your dress to his tux, flowers, music, the location and the photographer. And to look your best in engagement photos, wedding photos and wedding videos, a beautiful smile is just as important as your dress and hair!   
Here are some guidelines to help you decide how to make your smile spectacular on your wedding day:
For brides who want to look their best and not worry about showing braces on their wedding day, we recommend the Invisalign® treatmentInvisalign® uses clear aligners or trays that are lightweight and nearly invisible.  Using the digital scanner, we create a series of aligners or trays that are worn over the course of your treatment.  Each time you complete the treatment with one tray, your teeth will move a little more, and you wear the next one, until they are straight and beautiful.
The great thing about Invisalign® for brides and grooms is that only you will know that you are wearing them, and you’ll see your teeth start to straighten quite quickly.  Most Invisalign® patients wear the trays for 4 - 6 months for simple corrections; complex cases wear them for 9 – 12 months.  But regardless of how long the treatment lasts, you can smile all through your wedding with confidence. 
 For brides whose teeth present a more complex challenge, there is the IncognitoTM system, which features custom-designed braces that are placed behind the teeth instead of in front of the teeth.  Incognito braces cannot be seen and offer the most comfortable invisible treatment.
Some brides and grooms don’t need braces, but they would like to brighten their smiles with a whitening program.  Be certain that your teeth are straight before whitening, cautions Dr. Gellerman.  If you whiten the teeth first, it is possible to find yourself with darker spots on teeth that were being hidden behind crooked teeth.  It’s important to first straighten, and then whiten.