Friday, January 18, 2013

Spectacular Brides Smile Big!

It’s one of the most important days of your life, and you want everything to be perfect, from your dress to his tux, flowers, music, the location and the photographer. And to look your best in engagement photos, wedding photos and wedding videos, a beautiful smile is just as important as your dress and hair!   
Here are some guidelines to help you decide how to make your smile spectacular on your wedding day:
For brides who want to look their best and not worry about showing braces on their wedding day, we recommend the Invisalign® treatmentInvisalign® uses clear aligners or trays that are lightweight and nearly invisible.  Using the digital scanner, we create a series of aligners or trays that are worn over the course of your treatment.  Each time you complete the treatment with one tray, your teeth will move a little more, and you wear the next one, until they are straight and beautiful.
The great thing about Invisalign® for brides and grooms is that only you will know that you are wearing them, and you’ll see your teeth start to straighten quite quickly.  Most Invisalign® patients wear the trays for 4 - 6 months for simple corrections; complex cases wear them for 9 – 12 months.  But regardless of how long the treatment lasts, you can smile all through your wedding with confidence. 
 For brides whose teeth present a more complex challenge, there is the IncognitoTM system, which features custom-designed braces that are placed behind the teeth instead of in front of the teeth.  Incognito braces cannot be seen and offer the most comfortable invisible treatment.
Some brides and grooms don’t need braces, but they would like to brighten their smiles with a whitening program.  Be certain that your teeth are straight before whitening, cautions Dr. Gellerman.  If you whiten the teeth first, it is possible to find yourself with darker spots on teeth that were being hidden behind crooked teeth.  It’s important to first straighten, and then whiten.