Friday, July 25, 2014


As an Invisalign® Elite Provider, we are one of the first practices on Long Island to provide the PROPEL system, which works with all orthodontic systems, including Invisalign® and braces, to reduce treatment time by up to 50 - 64%. 

We are proud to add this exciting new technology, which provides patients with exceptional treatment outcomes in about half the time as treatment without the new technology.  PROPEL accelerates aligner and braces, allowing most patients to complete treatment in just three to ten months.

PROPEL encourages the patient’s own biology to stimulate the bone surrounding the teeth, allowing teeth to move faster and more predictably into their ideal position. PROPEL is a five minute procedure that makes a small, virtually painless micro-pierce in the bone, stimulating the bone to accelerate tooth movement and achieve an excellent orthodontic finish. PROPEL makes orthodontic treatment more effective and more efficient and can be used with braces or aligner treatments.

Patients are excited about the short treatment times and we are excited about what we are now able to achieve with PROPEL! To learn more or for a complimentary consultation, please call 631-427-8444.

Friday, July 18, 2014


Can your mouth keep a secret?  It can if you have lingual braces!

For brides who want beautiful smiles, teenagers, performers, business people and anyone who wants to have a Spectacular Smile but does not want to be seen wearing braces, lingual braces are a great alternative – only you and your orthodontist know that you are wearing them!

Lingual braces are completely hidden from sight because they are placed behind the teeth. They are custom-designed to hug the interior surfaces of the teeth and provide the optimum treatment, using the latest in digital imaging, wire materials and robotic technology to shape the archwire.  Created using state-of-the art orthodontic technology, today’s lingual braces allow patients to enjoy the benefits of beautiful straight teeth without any visible brackets or wires.  

Not every orthodontist offers lingual braces because they require advanced training and an investment in specialized equipment. Lingual braces also call for extra effort for the orthodontist.  Here’s why: traditional bracket and wire system braces exert forces on the teeth from the outside.  Lingual braces exert the forces on the teeth and jaws   from the inside, where the distances are shorter and the forces are the opposite of traditional braces.  The orthodontist has to work upside-down and inside of the teeth – not every orthodontist undertakes the special training needed, and not everyone wants to devote the additional time to provide this level of patient care.

At GellermanOrthodontics, we offer lingual braces because we want our patients to have a complete range of choices for their orthodontic treatment.

Want to learn more about lingual braces?  Call our office at 631-427-84444 and we’ll be happy to provide more details on how they work, who they are best suited for, and help you on the first steps to a Spectacular Smile! 

Thursday, July 10, 2014


By J.T. Carney

A couple months ago, I believe it was sometime in May, I was taking a flight to Europe for soccer. When I boarded the plane I was only with my soccer team and I remember having my retainer in. It was killing my teeth; I had to take it out a half hour into the flight. A man next to me, Bill, was running back and forth throughout the plane frantically and then he asked me for help. I remember trying to watch the plane for any suspicious activity because that’s what he asked me to do. He was a Federal Air Marshall, so I followed everything he told me. All of a sudden the plane dropped quickly and bags flew everywhere along with an old man who forgot to buckle up. Sadly he landed wrong and passed. Bill said he got a threat that someone would die every 30 minuets if he does not receive a free retainer from the Gellerman office. The problem was that we did not know who it was and I tried going to get my retainer to give to him but it was gone after the plane was shaken up. Eventually three more people died and the Gellerman office finally made a second free retainer policy. The plane was landed shortly after at a close airport but the killer was not found. I went back to get my second free retainer but when I walked in police had a man hand cuffed with FBI surrounding the office. It was the killer who threatened Bill on the plane. Although I went through a lot of chaos, I did eventually get my retainer for free, but I have to be more careful because the third is not free. That is the story of how I lost my retainer. 
                                                                                                       * Based off the movie “Non-Stop” *