Friday, August 8, 2014


This is a story of why I need a new retainer
It was a normal Saturday night when my mom told me that there was a super moon out tonight and asked if I wanted to go outside and see it, which I did. So, I left my retainer case with my retainers inside it on the low table next to the couch (as usual) and went to go see it. My mom and I tried to look out the back door to see the moon, but it was not visible from there. Then, we went out into the front yard to try to see the moon and we did. 
Meanwhile, while we were looking for the super moon, my mischievous new Pomsky half Pomeranian and half Husky) puppy named Ash, who always tries to annoy me by chewing up things that I enjoy, grabbed my retainer case off the table. When my mom and I came back into our house, I found the retainer case and one retainer by the front table and my mom found the other retainer somewhere else inside of the house. 
All in all, due to my horrible habit of chewing, Ash’s chewing, the dog saliva on the retainers, and the dog shed on the retainers, they were ruined. So, now I have proven the equation…. 

              +  =


…to be (unfortunately) correct.

From Leyla H.

P.S. SORRY!!!!!

Friday, August 1, 2014


I was away at sleep away lacrosse camp. When I got up in the morning to brush my teeth I forgot to put retainers away in the case. I left them on the sink. Upon my return to the bathroom later in the day, I noticed they were missing. 
Once I realized they were gone, I thought the tooth fairy must have come. I have all my adult teeth and have been told I have a nice smile. I think the tooth fairy picked them up to use for another child whose teeth were crooked that could not afford them. 
I hope they will come in good use for someone else and Dr. Gellerman makes me a new set.
By Michael P.