Friday, April 24, 2015


I lost my retainer about three weeks ago when I slept over my friends' house. I brought the retainer with intention of wearing it to sleep, but I didn’t bring the case. I wore the retainer in my mouth. When we ate dinner I took the retainer out and put it in a napkin. Someone threw the napkin out after dinner thinking it was garbage. I searched the garbage for about 20 minutes then finally gave up. Long story short I’m not going to be putting my retainer in a napkin anymore.
Dan G.

Friday, April 10, 2015


Ever see a teen hide their smile or their laughter because they are self-conscious about their teeth?   
Let’s face it – being a teenager can be tough.  Peer pressure to look and act a certain way, worries about academic performance, and the classic adolescent process of finding out who you are can make even the most confident teenager feel rattled.  Teens who grow up surrounded by celebrity culture recognize the power of having a great smile, but they may be reluctant to wear braces.  For them, the answer might be Invisalign Teen.  The clear aligners allow the teeth to move into place, and the teen doesn’t worry as much about their appearance and any comments from their peers.  There is less worry about mouth injuries when playing sports, having to restrict their diet or be anxious about wearing braces.

Gellerman Orthodontics helps teenagers get the spectacular smiles they deserve, minus the anxiety.  Find out if the Invisalign Teen treatment is right for your teen by calling our office at 631-427-8444 for a free consultation.