Tuesday, May 26, 2015


There the retainers sat, on the counter in the bathroom innocently waiting to be put away.
It was a bright and sunny day, and it wouldn't be long before my family staying in the hotel left to drive back home from Rhode Island.All of sudden, a gasp was heard as my mother stared at her Ipad in disbelief. The research she had done had finally confirmed her suspicions about the hotel we were in. It was the number one most haunted hotel in America! Shocked by the news, we immediately sought to explore this "haunted hotel" to see what mysteries could lie inside it.
My parents scrambled to collect our belongings before we went on our mission, failing to notice the clear retainer set that had been sitting on the counter. No sooner than 10 minutes, we were out of the hotel room searching every open room in the hotel. This included the floors that were not accessible by elevator and had to be taken by stairs. We found no mysterious evidence that day, but had a wonderful time exploring and anticipating what haunted thing we might encounter.
It wasn't until we were half way home when I asked for my retainer so I could finally return it to its case. All it took was an exchange of looks from my parents and I realized the retainers had failed to be packed, and were most likely still in the haunted hotel. It was an unfortunate event, but was also a day I shall never forget.

Blake M.