Tuesday, January 17, 2017


If you got engaged this holiday season, congratulations! You’re in for a whirlwind of excitement and anticipation as you and your beloved plan your future and your wedding celebration. To look your best in photos and videos, you’ve probably already starting your wedding diet and are thinking about making your smile spectacular.

While we can’t help you with your wedding diet, we have some pointers for your smile!
We know how busy you are already, and there's only so much time between your engagement and your wedding date.  Invisalign clear trays are a perfect fit for brides and grooms. No one will know that you are wearing the invisible aligner trays unless you tell them. They won’t show up in the many pictures that are taken between now and your wedding day. And if you want to make your treatment time even shorter, we can help with that too.

Acceledent® Aura is used to dramatically decrease the length of time you’ll need to be in treatment to get your spectacular smile.  It works by stimulating bone remodeling, which helps the teeth move into alignment faster. Acceledent® Aura uses a simple appliance that rests comfortably in your mouth for twenty minutes a day.

When it comes to a brighter smile, remember to straighten your teeth first, and then whiten. If you do this in reverse order, you may find your beautiful bright smile has unattractive dark spots.

For the best possible results for your smile, consider that an orthodontist devotes several years of specialized training after graduating from dboard certified orthodontist has achieved the highest level of skills, having been tested through scientific peer reviews. A board certified orthodontist is the best choice to take your smile from good to great, with the latest in orthodontic treatments.
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