Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Happy Anniversary Gellerman Orthodontics!!

Gellerman Orthodontics opened its doors in Huntington with a vision of an orthodontic practice where patients and family members were treated with the greatest care in a comfortable setting with the very latest in orthodontic technology from a practice that was dedicated to the community.
Fifteen years later, that vision is a daily reality.

We are so grateful to the families, friends and colleagues that have become part of our practice in the last fifteen years. Our success is because of our shared commitment to the highest quality in orthodontic service and to making our community a better place.

Gellerman Orthodontics team members continue to advance their own knowledge, attending clinical education programs throughout the year. Training is always on-going, from lunch and learn programs in the office to workshops held at venues across the country. As the science of orthodontics improves and changes, we’re making the investment in the future, for our patients and for our practice.

Our dedication to the community is well known, and we have a full calendar of educational and fundraising activities. This week we brought decorated pumpkins to Huntington Hospital to add some Halloween cheer to patients and staff. Last week, we were part of Pink Aid, a local organization that raises funds to help breast cancer patients. In a few weeks, we’ll be bringing Christmas trees to area schools to decorate, and then donating them to a nonprofit that could use a little holiday cheer.

We know that our patients have many choices when it comes to caring for their smiles. We believe that our patients value the quality of care we provide, as well as our commitment to the community. We’re looking forward to the next fifteen years!!

Monday, August 20, 2018

Summer is the BEST time to Start your Child with Braces

Yes, we see all of the Back to School sales have begun, but there are still a few weeks of summer left – and now is the best time to bring your son or daughter in to start orthodontic treatment, whether they are getting Invisalign or braces.

There’s more flexibility, especially in late summer, when many camp programs are over, and school hasn’t yet started.

It’s better for kids to get through the initial adjustment to treatment before they start school. While most of the discomforts from braces have been minimized, there are still some kids whose gums and growing teeth can be a little tender in the first week after starting treatment.
Little girl with braces enjoying a slice of watermelon

Your child will have more time to adjust to life with braces and the new routines that comes with it. They may have to learn how to brush in a different way, get used to eating with braces on and learn the cleaning techniques so their teeth stay in great shape during treatment. They’ll have more time to work through any adjustments if they start now. By the time school opens, you want them to feel more comfortable about wearing braces.

Kids do grow faster in the summer. It’s been proven scientifically and may be related to the longer days of summer and heat’s impact on the endocrine system. That means that the best time to begin treatment with braces is during one of those growth spurts.

Even if your child isn’t quite ready for braces, this is a great time of year for them to come in and see us. If they are seven years old, summer is the best time to have their free orthodontic evaluation.

The American Association of Orthodontics recommends that every child around age 7 have an orthodontic evaluation so that early problems can be treated, which can help avoid the need for more intense treatment, like teeth extraction, later in life.

Our office has more flexibility in these last weeks of August, so give us a call today at 631-427-8444 and we’ll be happy to make your first appointment!

Monday, July 23, 2018

Braces During Summer Travel, and Why Paper Napkins Are Your Brace’s Worst Enemy!

Summertime is fun time, and that often means travelling with family and friends to far-off lands. If your summer plans include braces, you’ll want to be ready to continue to take care of your braces and your smile.

Here are a few points to keep in mind about traveling with braces:

Summer Braces Care
We know you’re packing a toothbrush and toothpaste and floss but remember to include an interproximal brush also. It’ll help keep your braces and teeth clean.

Floss or floss threaders, whichever one you use – bring extras. While it seems like there are chain drugstores everywhere you go, we know you’re more comfortable with the type that you use at home. Don’t run out. Besides, who wants to go to the drugstore in the middle of a fun vacation day?

You can use your phone to serve as a mirror, but a small travel mirror when you don’t have your phone, or even better, a small mouth mirror, will help keep your braces care on track.

Remember to pack dental wax and extra orthodontic bands in your orthodontic care kit.

And remember to pack an extra retainer case (more on that below), a tweezer and a small stick for pushing, in case you have to reposition an archwire.

We recommend that patients use a small cosmetics bag, filled with everything they need. That makes it easier to pack, and you can also use it for school in the fall.  Plastic zipper bags aren’t quite as sturdy.

If you are using Invisalign trays, bring a few spares. Talk with our office about what you’ll need, depending on how long you’ll be away.

Why do you need an extra retainer case?

We know from LOOONG experience that the most common way for people to lose their retainers is because they place them in a paper napkin during a rushed meal, then toss the napkin away!
That happens when kids are at camp, teens are travelling around the world, and even adults are enjoying some much-needed downtime.

If you make a personal commitment to yourself to only put your retainer in a retainer case, the chances of your losing your retainers drop dramatically!

One last thing to put in your braces travel kit

Don’t forget to bring a few of Dr. Gellerman’s business cards. Pick some up when you are in the office next time.  Dr. Gellerman has a national network of colleagues, so if you have a braces emergency, you can call the office and we’ll be able to reach out to an orthodontist wherever you are and get you the help you need.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Why Should You Start Wearing Braces This Summer?

Here’s one great reason why summer is the best time of year to start braces: ice cream!

Well, that’s just one part of why summer is a good time to start orthodontic treatment, but it is true!

Cold soft summer treats like ice cream, frozen yogurt and frozen slushees are soothing when gums are adjusting to braces. The same is true for watermelon, soft hot dogs and barbecue staples like potato and macaroni salads. But there are more reasons why summer is the perfect time to start wearing braces.

More Flexible Schedules Make Braces an Easier Adjustment

School’s out – that means schedules are a lot lighter. You’re not busy shuttling kids between school and after-school activities, helping them juggle homework and projects along with sports and volunteering.  There’s less worry about missing school, since early appointments can be longer.

Time to Learn How to Care for Braces

Your child will have more time to adjust to wearing braces and taking care of them. For some kids, it takes a little while to get used to learning what foods are braces-friendly, and which have to be put aside until treatment is over.  Proper brushing and flossing takes a little more time at first. And in a short while, your child will have gotten used to the braces and they won’t interfere with the start of a new school year.

Growth Spurts Make Summer an Excellent Time for Braces

Have you ever noticed that your kids grow a lot during the summer? It’s true – lots of kids have big growth spurts during the summer – followed by back to school shopping for new clothes! A growth spurt is the perfect time for braces, when the jaws and teeth are also growing. Having braces during this time will help teeth move into the right position for a spectacular smile.

Schedule a Summer Consultation at Gellerman Orthodontics

Summer is the perfect time to get started with braces, whether you are starting with Invisalign® or braces. We hope you are having a great start to your summer, and we hope to see you soon!  Call us at 631-427-8444 to make your appointment for a free consultation!

Monday, June 4, 2018

How is SureSmile Reinventing Orthodontic Treatment?

Let’s start with the best news: everyone who gets braces at Gellerman Orthodontics enjoys the benefits of SureSmile technology.

Dr. Gellerman is the ONLY orthodontist on Long Island who offers the SureSmile system because she wants her patients to have the best treatment possible. And that means an archwire created with precision by an advanced orthodontic system that is reinventing orthodontic treatment.
Conventional treatment relies on plaster models and X-rays. The SureSmile treatment starts by providing Dr. Gellerman with a detailed 3D computer model of patient’s teeth, giving her the information to plan individual tooth movements throughout treatment.

Next, SureSmile robots–yes, robots! — create the exact shape of the archwire to deliver your optimal treatment.  The robot uses the data generated by the 3D model to provide the most precise shape possible.

The archwire is made of an advanced material also: a titanium alloy that is as advanced as SureSmile.

The SureSmile orthodontic technology helps Dr. Gellerman a create more accurate treatment plan  that moves teeth to their correct position more efficiently than ever before, thus improving the quality of treatment results and cutting total time in braces by nearly a third!

With this cutting-edge orthodontic technology, Gellerman Orthodontics patients get high quality results, less discomfort, fewer office visits and shorter treatment time!

To learn more about how SureSmile gives our patients a Spectacular Smile, call the office at 631-427-8444 to schedule a FREE consultation with Dr. Gellerman. 

Friday, February 9, 2018

Invisalign Growing in Popularity – Peer Pressure and Your Teen’s Smile

Invisalign has changed how adults and teens achieve their Spectacular Smiles. We are among the nation’s top providers of Invisalign –Dr. Gellerman is a top 1% national provider recognized by Invisalign – but there are some patients whose smiles will need braces.

That’s not easy for teens to hear, when all of their friends are enjoying the benefits of Invisalign.
In some cases, these teens would have benefited if they had an orthodontic evaluation around age 7, when the orthodontist may have recommended a treatment like a palate expander that would have given their teeth more room on their jaws.

In other cases, early treatment could have mitigated extreme overbites or underbites.
If your teen isn’t a good candidate for one kind of orthodontic treatment, there will be another kind that will work to give them a Spectacular Smile. The critical piece is that they are seen by an orthodontist like Dr. Gellerman, who is a board certified orthodontist.

If the wrong treatment is used, or if the trays are not properly and accurately measured and designed, there could be serious problems, like loss of bone in the jaw or loss of teeth.

Also it is important for teens to understand that wearing tray retainers requires their cooperation. They need to keep their teeth and the aligners clean to avoid tooth decay.  Unless the aligners are cleaned following instructions, they create a terrific environment for bacteria to grow –and that bacteria will end up on the teeth, leading to dental decay.

Dr. Gellerman will give you or your teen a complete examination, including digital images, and an informed decision about the best treatment option. Remember that a trained orthodontist has access to many different types of treatment, versus a general dentist who only offers one treatment.