Friday, February 9, 2018

Invisalign Growing in Popularity – Peer Pressure and Your Teen’s Smile

Invisalign has changed how adults and teens achieve their Spectacular Smiles. We are among the nation’s top providers of Invisalign –Dr. Gellerman is a top 1% national provider recognized by Invisalign – but there are some patients whose smiles will need braces.

That’s not easy for teens to hear, when all of their friends are enjoying the benefits of Invisalign.
In some cases, these teens would have benefited if they had an orthodontic evaluation around age 7, when the orthodontist may have recommended a treatment like a palate expander that would have given their teeth more room on their jaws.

In other cases, early treatment could have mitigated extreme overbites or underbites.
If your teen isn’t a good candidate for one kind of orthodontic treatment, there will be another kind that will work to give them a Spectacular Smile. The critical piece is that they are seen by an orthodontist like Dr. Gellerman, who is a board certified orthodontist.

If the wrong treatment is used, or if the trays are not properly and accurately measured and designed, there could be serious problems, like loss of bone in the jaw or loss of teeth.

Also it is important for teens to understand that wearing tray retainers requires their cooperation. They need to keep their teeth and the aligners clean to avoid tooth decay.  Unless the aligners are cleaned following instructions, they create a terrific environment for bacteria to grow –and that bacteria will end up on the teeth, leading to dental decay.

Dr. Gellerman will give you or your teen a complete examination, including digital images, and an informed decision about the best treatment option. Remember that a trained orthodontist has access to many different types of treatment, versus a general dentist who only offers one treatment.

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