Monday, June 25, 2018

Why Should You Start Wearing Braces This Summer?

Here’s one great reason why summer is the best time of year to start braces: ice cream!

Well, that’s just one part of why summer is a good time to start orthodontic treatment, but it is true!

Cold soft summer treats like ice cream, frozen yogurt and frozen slushees are soothing when gums are adjusting to braces. The same is true for watermelon, soft hot dogs and barbecue staples like potato and macaroni salads. But there are more reasons why summer is the perfect time to start wearing braces.

More Flexible Schedules Make Braces an Easier Adjustment

School’s out – that means schedules are a lot lighter. You’re not busy shuttling kids between school and after-school activities, helping them juggle homework and projects along with sports and volunteering.  There’s less worry about missing school, since early appointments can be longer.

Time to Learn How to Care for Braces

Your child will have more time to adjust to wearing braces and taking care of them. For some kids, it takes a little while to get used to learning what foods are braces-friendly, and which have to be put aside until treatment is over.  Proper brushing and flossing takes a little more time at first. And in a short while, your child will have gotten used to the braces and they won’t interfere with the start of a new school year.

Growth Spurts Make Summer an Excellent Time for Braces

Have you ever noticed that your kids grow a lot during the summer? It’s true – lots of kids have big growth spurts during the summer – followed by back to school shopping for new clothes! A growth spurt is the perfect time for braces, when the jaws and teeth are also growing. Having braces during this time will help teeth move into the right position for a spectacular smile.

Schedule a Summer Consultation at Gellerman Orthodontics

Summer is the perfect time to get started with braces, whether you are starting with Invisalign® or braces. We hope you are having a great start to your summer, and we hope to see you soon!  Call us at 631-427-8444 to make your appointment for a free consultation!

Monday, June 4, 2018

How is SureSmile Reinventing Orthodontic Treatment?

Let’s start with the best news: everyone who gets braces at Gellerman Orthodontics enjoys the benefits of SureSmile technology.

Dr. Gellerman is the ONLY orthodontist on Long Island who offers the SureSmile system because she wants her patients to have the best treatment possible. And that means an archwire created with precision by an advanced orthodontic system that is reinventing orthodontic treatment.
Conventional treatment relies on plaster models and X-rays. The SureSmile treatment starts by providing Dr. Gellerman with a detailed 3D computer model of patient’s teeth, giving her the information to plan individual tooth movements throughout treatment.

Next, SureSmile robots–yes, robots! — create the exact shape of the archwire to deliver your optimal treatment.  The robot uses the data generated by the 3D model to provide the most precise shape possible.

The archwire is made of an advanced material also: a titanium alloy that is as advanced as SureSmile.

The SureSmile orthodontic technology helps Dr. Gellerman a create more accurate treatment plan  that moves teeth to their correct position more efficiently than ever before, thus improving the quality of treatment results and cutting total time in braces by nearly a third!

With this cutting-edge orthodontic technology, Gellerman Orthodontics patients get high quality results, less discomfort, fewer office visits and shorter treatment time!

To learn more about how SureSmile gives our patients a Spectacular Smile, call the office at 631-427-8444 to schedule a FREE consultation with Dr. Gellerman.